The 12 Best Side Hustles for Extroverts

Calling all go-getters – if you live for socializing and chatting it up, you need to try one of these side hustles for extroverts. 

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While a lot of side hustles are solitary, some of us don’t want to spend our hours cooped up at home all day. With these extrovert side hustles, you can get out into the world, working with the people, for the people!

Today, I’m sharing 12 of the best side hustles for extroverts, all involving lots of networking and socialization. 

Each of these extrovert jobs is sure to get you moving and grooving, chatting with folks, and profiting from your charm. 

Why would you want an extroverted side hustle, you ask? Because they’re perfect for:

  • Paying off debt
  • Earning you extra spending money
  • Saving for a vacation
  • Quitting your day job
  • Finding a new hobby
  • Adding to your savings account
  • Practicing a skill
  • Providing you with financial freedom

So, let’s get into the top extrovert side hustles for you to try!


1. Start a dog treat bakery 

If you love interacting with pooches just as much as humans, you’ll love side hustling with your very own dog treat bakery. 

I started Diva Dog Bakery as a fun side hustle, which quickly became super profitable. Start-up costs were low and demand was high. AKA – a recipe for success!

Learn more about starting a dog treat bakery here. 

2. Run an Etsy shop 

While an online shop may not be the most traditional of extrovert jobs, it does involve some expert communication skills. 

As a shop owner, you’ll need to connect with your customers, providing quality customer service and social media marketing. 

This is how you build community, skyrocketing your success as a small business. 

Read how to side hustle with an Etsy shop here. 

3. Try Mystery Shopping 

Did you know that you can mystery shop from anywhere? It can be a highly profitable side hustle that gets you out and chatting with shop owners and employees. 

I made over $2000 by mystery shopping, pretending to be a customer in the store, and reporting back about my experience. 

Discover how to make money mystery shopping and more mystery shopping tips here. 

4. Become a farmer’s market vendor 

Being a farmer’s market vendor is one of my favorite side hustles for extroverts because it involves a TON of chatting. 

The art of the farmer’s market is in small talk – it’s what gets customers invested in you and supporting your product through sales. 

Read how to become a farmer’s market vendor here. 

5. Offer alcohol demos 

You read that right – you can make money by simply pouring alcohol. 

Companies hire folks to set up demos in liquor stores, pubs, and markets, pouring samples and chatting with customers about the promo products. 

It can be difficult to catch customers’ attention in these settings, so super outgoing people excel in this side hustle. 

Learn how to make money pouring alcohol here. 

6. Become a lifeguard 

Want to get out in the sun this summer? Try lifeguarding at your local pool!

Lifeguarding is an active, social position that gets you outside and enjoying the good weather. 

With strong swimming skills and CPR certification, you’ve earned yourself the perfect summer side hustle. 

Discover more summer side hustles here. 

7. Freelance in your field 

If you’re a natural-born hustler, I highly recommend taking on freelance work in your field. 

From writing to coding, there is no shortage of freelance positions for high-needs fields. While part of the job may be solitary, most of these positions require some level of collaboration with team members. 

Read how to transition from employee to freelancer here. 

8. Offer event planning  

If you’re a social butterfly with excellent planning skills, event planning is one of the top extrovert jobs for your skill set.

From birthday parties to corporate events, event planners handle the nitty gritty details, bringing every vendor together for a spectacular event!

9. Teach fitness classes 

Beyond a passion for exercise, becoming a fitness instructor demands top-notch social skills, getting customers to take your classes and push themselves throughout. 

This makes the position perfect for extroverts!

Whether you’re interested in yoga, pilates, or spin class, there are tons of positions available. Check listings at private gyms or your local community center, depending on your skill level.

10. Start a blog 

Sure, blogging is largely done alone. But it does require a surprising amount of social interaction. 

Whether you’re collaborating with other bloggers, negotiating sponsorships, or interacting with your community, blogging can quickly become a highly social side hustle. 

Blogging is one of my top side hustles for extroverts because you get to write about the topics and experiences you’re interested in and engage others to care!

Discover how to start a blog here. 

11. Offer local tours or experiences

If you’re passionate about your city, you can share this passion with travelers by becoming a local guide. 

Offer tours of your city, including historical landmarks, cocktail tastings, food tours, and more. This is an extra chatty side hustle, great for performers and other extroverted folks. 

You can even host “local experiences” through Airbnb, hosting a cooking class, art workshop, or anything else particular to your city and expertise. 

12. Become a travel agent 

Travel enthusiasts can help others plan their dream vacations by becoming a travel agent. In this role, you’ll be connecting customers with top-tier vacation packages from around the world. 

Attention to detail, superb customer service, and the “gift of the gab” are all necessities as you’ll be earning through commission. 

Are side hustles for extroverts worth it?

Of course! These extrovert side hustles are an excellent way to earn some extra cash doing something you enjoy and excel at. 

Side hustles should work with you, not against you. So, choose a path that best fits your financial needs and lifestyle. 

Not only can a side hustle earn you extra cash flow, but it can also enrich your life, connecting you with your community; that’s the real prize! 

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