5 Simple Ways to Foster a Positive Money Mindset

My feelings towards having a positive money mindset has been a work in progress over the years. Today, I am very confident about my finances, but that wasn’t always the case. Especially when I struggled with debt in my mid 20’s!

Today, my friend Sonia is sharing how to foster a positive money mindset. Her positivity is so addicting!

When it comes to finances, mindset plays a huge role. How to think about money decides how much money you will be attracting in your life. This is why I worked hard on my money mindset and money beliefs last year to bring abundance and live an aligned life.

Having abundant wealth is all about thinking abundant, it’s all about being the vibrational match for everything you desire.

Let me tell you the fact – money is just energy.

And you have all the power to attract this energy in your life; however, most of us aren’t able to do so. We stay broke or we always lack enough money.

What if I tell you that once you learn to shift your mindset around money, money will come to you, and you won’t ever have to worry about not having enough.

I’m sharing the top five money mindset shifts that will help you welcome abundance and alignment in your life.

5 Simple Ways to Foster a Positive Money Mindset

Practice Gratitude

This is important to do in every area of your life, especially the one where you want to have more money or you wish to attract more abundance.

The energy of being grateful / expressing gratitude is so wild and intense that it will make you the energetic match for attracting more money.

Consciously practicing gratitude for the abundance you currently have and receive on a regular basis WILL attract more of it into your life.

If you’re attracting money in your business, take time and be thankful to each and every person who brought it from you. Remember them in your prayers and be genuinely present for their transformation.

I do this every time I receive a notification of someone enrolling in my course or grabbing my journal; my students are always in my prayers.

Besides this, practice gratitude journaling in the morning or before bed. Write three
things you’re grateful for today. Feel this energy of appreciation.

Use Affirmations or Mantras

This brings positive energy into your relationship with money. Affirmations are more than just positive statements and many times they don’t work because we fail to feel them.

Use some powerful affirmations that amplify positivity in your relationship with money and as you recite them, actually feel them.

I love writing my affirmations in my morning journal because it makes me believe in the words I’m writing.

One of my favorite affirmations is – ‘There’s always more where that came from’ so every time I made purchases I recited this in my head and felt the feeling of having money in abundance.

Here are some affirmations that you can use:

  • Money flows to me effortlessly and with ease.
  • I have an abundance of money.
  • My bank account is always overflowing with money.
  • I make money even during tough days.
  • People love to pay me.

The key here is feeling as you recite these mantras or affirmations. It takes time to develop and shift mindset around money but if this is done consciously, it works magic.

How to create and foster a positive mindset about money.
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Reframe Your Thoughts & Feelings Around Spending Money

I always used to feel that I’m losing money as I’m spending!!! This feeling made me feel nervous about spending money and it restricted the flow of money as I wasn’t letting money flow through me.

However, when I reframed my thoughts around spending money, I started feeling less anxious about my spending habit.

Envision where your money is going and how it will bless the lives of others. Whenever I buy something, I just visualize how this money will help the person and their family, how indirectly I get to help them and this feeling is surreal.

Along with this, have unwavering faith that every dollar you spend comes back to you in multifold. There’s an abundance of money around and it will all come to you.

Be in the state of expectation and certainty that it will come back to you and feel that joy, feel that excitement.

Taking the time to think about the good you’re doing in the lives of others will alter how you feel about spending money and inevitably improve your relationship with it!

Send Abundance & Blessings to Those Around You

Get into the habit of sending blessings and abundance to everyone around you. This isn’t only for your close friends, family, or relatives but for every person out there around you.

The energy you give comes back to you so if you wish more abundance, give more abundance, if you wish more love, give more love!!

By blessing them you’re creating the energy of gratitude around you and this energy will come to you in totally unexpected ways.

I used to be very skeptical about this initially but practicing this regularly shifted my mood and I started noticing that instead of being grumpy or annoying, I was more loving and accepting.

This shift in my energy started reflecting in my relationships; in my relationship with money as well.

So, now when you go for a walk, remember to bless everyone passing by, bless the strangers and send them love.

You obviously don’t have to go to them or talk to them about this, say this in your head and bless them. You receive what you give!!! This is the law of the universe.

Allow Yourself to Be More Generous

When you’re operating from the abundant mindset, you obviously won’t hoard money. It would be normal for you to be generous and help others in need.

This doesn’t mean you’re giving away all your monetary resources or giving in excess; this just means that now you’re not coming from the place of scarcity.

You know already that your bank is flowing with money and the more you spend, the more it will come back to you, so why not be generous.

You can leave a tip for the waiter, pay a little extra to the helpers, drivers or just donate a percentage of your income to some charity.

When you show up and let Universe know what you can do with money, it will always bless you with more.

Find ways where you can give back a little more and in a genuine way.

Exercising some of these tips can give you a great jumpstart in raising your vibration and attracting more abundance into your life!

How I Use Journaling to Shift My Money Mindset

I have been journaling for over two years and this beautiful practice has helped me tremendously in shifting my perspective around money and bringing more abundance in my life.

I use the journaling technique called scripting to make my mind believe in the possibilities of a wondrous future.

This technique is used to help you visualize the future you wish to be your reality and write a journal entry in the present tense of everything you wish you had.

For example- If you’ve always wanted to buy your dream house, make a journal entry in the present tense and write as if you’re actually living in that house.

Write in detail how it feels like walking in your own house, sleeping in your bed, making meals in your kitchen – every minute detail about the house and just indulge in the possibility of that happening in your reality.

This will reprogram your subconscious into believing that it’s possible for you. If you can believe it, you can have it.

This is the thing with having a positive money mindset. If you can make it happen in your internal reality, it will show up in your external reality as well.

Are You Ready To Foster A Positive Money Mindset?

Money had always been a less talked topic in my household while growing up because of which I developed some limiting beliefs around the same.

However, when you realize that you have the power to shift your mindset and reframe those beliefs; you will be able to shift your mindset around money.

I really hope this post helps you in creating empowering money beliefs and guides you to bring more abundance and alignment into your lives.

Author Bio

Sonia Motwani is a journal coach, author, and host of the podcast Unravel Yourself from India. She is wildly obsessed with helping people live an aligned, abundant life through the art of journaling. If you’re someone who is ready to live a purposeful life, you need to check out her website.

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