The 11 Best Side Hustles for Introverts

It seems like side hustles are always marketed towards the go-getter, the girl boss, the charismatic entrepreneur—but what about side hustles for introverts? 

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Don’t get me wrong, you can be all those things without being extroverted, but so many side hustles feel unattainable and unsustainable for people who prefer to work alone. 

Thankfully, there are a TON of side hustles that are perfect for introverts. 

You just need to pick the right gig!

Today, I’m sharing the 11 best introvert side hustles for every interest.  

Why choose a side hustle, you ask? Side hustles are great for:

  • Adding to your savings account
  • Earning you financial freedom
  • Paying off debt 
  • Going towards a relaxing vacation 
  • Engaging in a passion 
  • Trying a new skill 
  • Springboarding you into a new career

So gather ‘round as we dive into the best introvert side hustles!


1. Start an Etsy shop 

While running a business may not sound like the ideal job for introverts, Etsy makes it possible!

With an online retailer like Etsy, you can start selling hand-crafted items or antique finds from the comfort of your own home.

This is a great way to turn a hobby into a side hustle, using skills like crochet, painting, graphic design, knitting, and more. 

Read how to start an Etsy shop here. 

2. Run a pet-sitting business 

If you like animals more than you enjoy humans, pet-sitting is the side hustle for you.

Pet parents will pay a good amount knowing that their beloved animals are in good hands. All you need to do is provide love and care!

And if you’re looking for an edge, consider offering specialty services for exotic pets like birds, rabbits, and reptiles. 

Each animal requires unique care, and it can be tricky to find pet sitters with knowledge beyond dogs and cats. 

Learn how to start a pet-sitting business here. 

3. Write e-books 

Looking to leverage your literary powers? 

Writing e-books is one of the top side hustles for introverts. The entire process can be done alone, just you and your keyboard!

And when your book is finished, you can use easy publishing tools through Amazon to self-publish and market your creation. 

Read how to sell e-books on Amazon here. 

4. Sell on eBay

Over the years, we accumulate a lot of stuff we don’t use, from gifts to impulse purchases to things we’ve simply outgrown. 

eBay is the perfect platform to sell your unused items, earning you some extra cash with just a photo and a few strikes of the keyboard. 

I like using eBay because it has a large audience, with users willing to pay top dollar for collector and antique items

Learn how to sell on eBay here. 

5. Start a blog 

In my humble opinion, the best side hustle is something you’re already passionate about (that’s how Diva Dog Bakery started). 

Starting a blog is one of the best introvert jobs because you can write about your passions and transform them into income!

With affiliate links, ad revenue, and sponsorship opportunities, there are endless ways to monetize a successful blog. 

You can learn more about how to sell Amazon affiliates here. 

6. Try dividend investing 

Investing can feel really unapproachable to a lot of people. 

But don’t let its title intimidate you. With a bit of financial knowledge, anyone can turn dividend investing into a profitable side hustle. 

Bonus – it can be done on your own time, anywhere in the world. 

Learn how to start dividend investing here. 

7. Take free surveys 

Taking surveys is one of my top side hustles for introverts because it’s just so EASY. 

Market research is a profitable field, meaning companies will pay you just for giving your opinion. 

You can take free surveys whenever you have some spare time for an extra income source. Surveys can take as little as a few minutes to complete, with most averaging about 30 minutes. 

Learn how to make money by taking surveys here. 

8. Shop through Rakuten 

Online shopping for extra cash? Sign me up!

This side hustle is one of my favorite jobs for introverts because it generates passive income

By shopping through a site like Rakuten, you earn a percentage back for every purchase you make (from their list of approved businesses). 

You don’t need to shop more for this side hustle. Instead, use Rakuten to make your regular purchases, like groceries, clothing, and other household necessities. 

Learn more ways to use your cell phone to make money here. 

9. Create a course 

Are you an expert in your field? Do you have knowledge to share? 

The people want to hear about it! 

You can create an online course about any subject that you’re highly knowledgeable about.

I’ve made highly successful courses, including how to become a Pinterest VA and how to start a dog treat bakery

These courses have become financially life-changing.

And while you do need to invest some time upfront, these courses will give you a passive income source for years to come. 

10. Work as a proofreader 

If you have an eye for detail, proofreading may be the side hustle for you. 

Proofreaders can work independently, perfecting manuscripts at their own pace. 

This is one of my favorite introvert jobs for anyone with strong language skills, good grammatical knowledge, and a keen eye for missing commas. 

11. Become a dog walker 

Rounding off our list of introvert side hustles is one that gets you outdoors and moving – dog walking!

Dog walking is a perfect way to get in your daily steps while earning some extra income (two birds, one stone). 

Apps like Rover or Wag! instantly connect you with dogs in need of their daily walk; it’s that easy. 

These are the best jobs for introverts.

Are side hustles for introverts worth it? 

Yes! Introvert side hustles are 100% worth the effort. 

Developing a side hustle is an easy way to transform your professional life, giving you the financial freedom you’ve been craving (and deserve). 

Best of all, you can gain this freedom through a side hustle that is best suited to you and your comfort level. 

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