7 Tips to Save Money on Gas

While gas prices are down from their summer highs, the cost at the pump can still lead to some sticker shock! This post will dive into 7 tips to save money on gas.

Pumping gas was always a chore, but now it’s even worse when you watch the cost rise higher than some grocery bills! Since we have to drive, gas is non-negotiable, but that doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet every time you hit the gas pump.

I’ve discovered 7 great ways to save money on gas, so you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite Starbucks coffee or that top you just have to have.

Save Money on Gas by Using a Gas App (and Optional Credit Card)

There’s an app for everything, even for finding the cheapest gas in your area. Before I head out of the house to fill up on gas, I always check the latest prices on Gas Buddy.

When you open up the app, use the orange ‘Find Gas’ button to search for the lowest-priced gas near any location. Sometimes you can get gas significantly cheaper just by driving an extra mile or two out of the way!

If you sign up for the free GasBuddy credit card (which works at 95% of gas stations in the U.S.), you can save up to 25¢ per gallon.

Use a Gas Rewards Program

Another option to earn cash back on your gas purchases while finding the cheapest gas prices is an app called Upside.

To maximize your savings and rewards, combine your GasBuddy card with your Upside account!

Upside also helps you save money on everyday purchases from grocery stores to restaurants.

Join your Gas Station’s Reward Program

Check to see if your gas station offers a rewards program. Some may offer it as a credit card, so if you’re already using the GasBuddy credit card, you’ll need to figure out which is the best deal.

Ideally, the gas station rewards program will be similar to the Shell Fuel Rewards Program, which simply gives you 5¢ off per gallon of gas just for swiping your rewards card (similar to a grocery store rewards card).

See if Paying Cash is Cheaper

You might notice at some gas stations, they have a ‘cash price’ and a ‘card price.’

Credit card companies charge merchants a surcharge for accepting credit cards. Some gas stations pass that onto consumers, rewarding customers for paying cash by offering a cheaper price.

Again, if you want to switch to this method, ensure it’s better than any credit card reward or discount you receive.

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Buy Gas on Monday

According to a Gas Buddy study, gas is cheapest on Mondays and increases throughout the week. Avoid filling up on Wednesdays and Thursdays, as that’s now the most expensive day to fill up.

If you miss your chance to fill up on Monday, try to wait until Friday to save money!

Use Cash Back Shopping Apps

Take advantage of other cash-back offers by using apps like Rakuten, Ibotta, and Swagbucks. Make money back on the purchases you have to make online or at the grocery store (Ibotta). You can use the cash you earn back to cover your higher gas bills.

Sell your Extra Stuff

If you have items lying around your house that you don’t use, sell them for extra cash to cover higher gas prices.

ThredUp and Mercari are great apps to use to sell your clothes. eBay and Facebook Marketplace are great for selling household goods, toys, and other items.

Bonus Tip: Start a Side Hustle

A side hustle is also a great way to bring in extra dollars, not just for gas money but for all of the “fun stuff” you want to do too.

Consider starting a dog treat business, a printables business, or a Pinterest management business.

I believe there are plenty of ways to make gas prices more affordable! Since we can’t control the prices at the pump and we all need gas to get places, these are the best ways to keep more money in your wallet, so it doesn’t hurt as much at the pump.

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