How to Earn Free Gift Cards in 2024

Life is expensive – full stop. So today, I’m sharing how you can take the edge off your monthly budget and earn free gift cards. 

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It may sound too good to be true (and sometimes it is!) but it’s actually easier than ever to earn free gift cards. Shopping, surveys, and rewards programs make it possible!

These free gift cards are the perfect way to procure a budget-friendly gift, take care of your essentials, and grant you some extra spending money. 

So, where are these magical gift cards you ask? 

Follow along while I share the best sites and other ways to earn free gift cards


Earn Free Gift Cards by Shopping

One of the most common ways to earn gift cards for free is through online shopping. It’s also one of my favorite side hustles because it’s nearly effortless. 

Now, you don’t need to go making purchases just for this benefit; your budget won’t be happy! Instead, take a look at which sites offer partnerships with companies you already buy from. 

Basic examples include grocery stores, department stores, and mega-companies like Amazon. 

Each site is different, but most just require a dashboard app. Simply toggle it on when making your purchase, and a percentage of every dollar spent will go towards earning you free gift cards!


Rakuten is one of the most popular cash-back sites, loved for its large list of participating retailers and reliant rewards. 

They even offer cash-back promos where you can earn points even faster. 

Sign up for Rakuten here. 


Not only does Honey give you gift cards for shopping through them, but they also scour the internet for the best coupons and promo codes. 

This makes Honey an amazing shopping tool, ensuring you’re always getting the best deal possible while earning you cash back through gift cards. 

Sign up for Honey here. 


Honeygain is an innovative company that purchases your unused internet bandwidth. They offer 20 cents per GB with no daily limits. 

The process is safe and encrypted, earning you passive income. 

Sign up for Honeygain here. 


Shopkick is unique because it offers gift card rewards for both online and in-store shopping. To redeem, simply scan your receipt and reap the rewards!

Sign up for Shopkick here. 


Fetch is similar to Shopkick, with rewards given for in-store shopping. When you’ve made a purchase, scan your receipt, and qualifying items will earn you points. 

These points can be used for a range of gift cards, with options ranging from Visa to Airbnb. 

Sign up for Fetch here. 


This American-based app is designed to earn you cash back on groceries. To earn, you just download the app, add offers to your account, and submit your receipt. 

Rewards can be linked directly to your bank account or received through gift cards. 

This app even gets you up to 30% cash back at online retailers, including Walmart and Best Buy.

Sign up for Ibotta here. 

Earn Free Gift Cards through Surveys

Surveys are an easy side hustle to earn you free gift cards. You can complete them at your leisure, kicking back in front of the TV or during your lunch break. 

Surveys take, on average, about 15-30 minutes (depending on the site). Earnings can be used for gift cards or cash back.

The more surveys you complete, the more you make!

Learn more about how to take free surveys and earn cash back here. 


Swagbucks is an easy way to earn extra income from anywhere in the world by taking surveys, ranging from single-question to 30-minute questionnaires. 

They also offer flexible rewards, including cash-back gift cards, coupons, and promo codes.

Sign up for Swagbucks here. 

Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie pays you to share your opinions and behaviors through surveys, digital browsing history, and focus groups. 

In return, you earn points that can be transferred to cash through PayPal or gift cards. 

Sign up for Survey Junkie here. 

Branded Surveys 

Branded Surveys is a market research group that wants to pay you for your opinions. 

To start earning cash back or gift card rewards, start taking their surveys, which include daily challenges to keep you on track!

Sign up for Branded Surveys here. 


Toluna offers instant rewards for taking part in market research projects. Registration is free, and each completed survey rewards you with points that can be used toward gift cards. 

You’ll even get bonus points for signing up your friends!

Sign up for Toluna here. 

Earn Free Gift Cards by Mystery Shopping

Learning how to make money mystery shopping was a total revelation. Who knew you could earn gift cards simply by shopping? 

Mystery shopping is straightforward; shoppers enter a store anonymously, shop as normal, and report back on their experience. 

This is an easy side hustle, with companies paying you in reimbursements, a shop fee, and even gift card bonuses!

Many businesses use these services, meaning you can gather free gift cards from grocery stores, clothing shops, hardware stores, and more. 

PrestoShopper is an easy way to get started, showing mystery shopping opportunities based on your location.

For more information, check out my post on how I made over $2000 by mystery shopping

Earn Free Gift Cards through Credit Card Rewards

My final tip to get free gift cards is to take advantage of credit card rewards. Most credit cards offer some kind of point system to incentivize spending. 

These points can be used for flights, cash back, and, of course, gift cards. 

Choose credit cards with sign-up bonuses and point systems to start earning gift cards. Just be sure to account for annual fees, weighing their costs against these benefits. 

How to Earn Free Gift Cards: The Bottom Line

If you’re not taking advantage of these many ways to earn free gift cards, this is your sign to start now!

Free gift cards are the perfect way to stay on budget and meet your financial goals, all while giving you some extra spending power to use as you see fit. 

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