Living a Luxury Lifestyle on a Budget: Here’s How!

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You don’t have to have a large budget to live a luxury lifestyle. Even if you are trying to pay off debt or start a savings, you can still have fun!

Here are our best budgeting tips so you can enjoy travel, eat like a king, and afford designer goods.

Save Money on Travel

First up, living a more luxurious life can mean being able to travel to places you want to see or love visiting. But here’s how to save money while you enjoy your vacations!

Plan ahead and make it a priority

Set up a savings account just for travel that you can allocate to every month. Considering this as a monthly contribution can help keep you from impulse spending.

Every year, take the money you saved and use that as your vacation budget.

That way, you can still travel at least once a year and won’t have to take out a new credit card or personal loan when you return.

You can also save money by traveling with friends and family to split hotel costs, take shorter trips instead of one long trip, and experience a staycation by visiting the hidden gems in your own town or city.

The following apps will help you live that luxury lifestyle without breaking the bank. You can use them to save money on travel while not compromising on quality.


  • Skiplagged is an app that shows you flights the airlines don’t want you to know about to save serious cash.
  • Hopper is another app that can help you choose a travel destination and then saves you money getting there.


  • VRBO, Airbnb, and FlipKey are all great options for families and groups to save money compared to chain hotels
  • You can also stay in a hotel room if that’s a better option for you, but always sign up for their rewards option so you can earn money back or points for future use!

Rental Cars:

  • AutoSlash offers a look at popular rental sites to compare pricing. You can enter any memberships, frequent flyer programs, or credit card programs to see additional savings.
  • Turo is available in US cities, Canada, and the UK and is a peer-to-peer car rental app. Advantages include lower pricing and lower fees for renters under 25.

No matter where you travel, you can find a list of free activities. Whether you enjoy hiking, swimming, art, or history, choose a travel destination with free activities that match your interests.

Spend Less For Entertainment

Next up, we have entertainment. Now, we aren’t saying that you can’t spend money having fun. However, there are many ways to entertain yourself for less. Here’s how.

Allocate a percentage of your budget

Most financial advisors agree you shouldn’t spend more than 10% of your monthly income on entertainment.

And when you are learning to live a luxury lifestyle on a budget, that percentage could be less.

However, having limited funds doesn’t mean to have to cut out all the fun.

Depriving yourself of self-care is a recipe for disaster, not only for your mental health but for meeting your financial goals, too.

You can help your budget go further by having movie and popcorn nights at home, having a DIY mani-pedi party, and investing in memberships to local places you frequent.

Try to avoid convenience

The most important rule for being a foodie on a budget is to avoid paying for convenience.

That means buying whole fruit, vegetables, and meat at the grocery store and doing the prep work yourself.

Purchase generic or store-brand items whenever possible. Most generic products have the same ingredients, so you’re not sacrificing taste for a cheaper price.

Take advantage of free grocery pickup and apps with coupons to save time shopping for groceries. Use that time saved to meal plan, so you don’t waste food and aren’t tempted to eat out.

Refrain from ordering fancy drinks and appetizers to upgrade your meal to steak or lobster.

You can save money by splitting a meal with a partner, spouse, or friend. You’ll consume less calories and only spend half of what you usually would.

You should also avoid using delivery services like DoorDash and GrubHub.

These services add an upcharge to fast and casual food costs. If you really need to use them, try to use credits, sign up during promotional periods, or use coupons and promo codes.

Dress For Less

For some people, fashion is a way to express themselves and put out a certain image.

Whether you need certain clothes for work, or just want to spend less on your favorite items, it’s easier than you think to do!

Try to rent your clothing

We’ve all fallen in love with a new fashion trend, but purchasing your clothing off the rack while it’s in season can really put a dent in your savings goals.

Fortunately, there are alternative ways you can buy your capsule wardrobe or a fun trendy piece that will keep you bougie on a budget without compromising on style.

First, consider renting designer clothing pieces from an online rental service. A popular rental site like RentTheRunway can provide high-end fashion that you can rent for significantly less.

All you have to do is choose your favorite piece, rent it for 4-8 days, and they will send you the garment in your size and a free backup size to get the best fit.

When you finish the garment, you’ll return it by the return date using the label affixed to the bag or box it came in.

Buy secondhand

If renting isn’t your jam, buying second-hand is an excellent choice.

I often go thrifting when the current trends don’t align with my style. I often find what I’m looking for second-hand, have more fun hunting for the right piece, and save significant money.

If you have friends with similar fashion sense, consider hosting a clothing swap. It’s an excellent way to refresh your wardrobe without spending any money.

Earn money to spend on clothes

If you love fashion and your friends consider you the go-to for trends, consider applying for an affiliate program like Amazon Affiliates.

You can use YouTube and TikTok to connect with your style audience and earn extra money whenever a viewer buys from your affiliate link.

Make Your Home Feel Like Home

Last but not least, let’s talk about how to save money on items like decor and furniture to make your home fit your wants and needs.

Utilize Facebook marketplace

Let’s face it: your local thrift store may have unique clothing options, but the furniture section can be overpriced, lack a diverse selection, or offer damaged pieces beyond repair.

Facebook marketplace provides an online furniture portal for local pickup, saving you money in expensive shipping costs.

Plus, you can find designer, vintage, and liquidation pieces that can make your home uniquely you.

Don’t be afraid to DIY

Once you locate the perfect piece near you, it may be within budget but maybe not exactly what you wanted. That’s okay!

If you appreciate a good DIY project, you can take your new piece and give it a makeover to fit exactly what you want.

With a little dreaming, paint, and time, any budget decor item can seriously transform your home if you give it enough love.

Living a Luxury Lifestyle on a Budget

Determining what is important to you is the key to maintaining a luxury lifestyle. These budgeting tips can have you living luxuriously for less and keep your spending on track.

While one person might desire a 4-course meal at a high-end restaurant, another might long for a beach trip.

Once you zero in on the little luxuries that make you happy, you can save money on areas of your life that are less important and splurge on the ones that are.

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