June 2016 Online Income Report – $9,700.11

It’s time to review my online income report from last month. This report only includes income I received from the month of June. If I haven’t received the money, then I don’t put it in this income report. This is the best way for me to track how much money I am making on a monthly basis.

While this is the best way for me to track my income, it’s also an annoying method. While I explain everything in more detail below, a good amount of my income is paid out anywhere from 30-90 days after the work is done. So even though I am reporting my income and how much I earned for each given month, I feel like I am on a two to three month payday delay. Does that make sense?

June was my eighth month freelancing full time. It was also my best month ever! I seriously cannot believe I blog and have my own business. It feels like a lifetime ago I quit my job, moved across the country and now work for myself. It’s a great feeling! 

One of the top questions I receive each week is how I get so many pageviews. I tell everyone that it’s 90-95% traffic from Pinterest – which is true. I’ve figured out how to master Pinterest for my blog and have been helping clients for several months with my Pinterest management company. 

If you want to grow your traffic or start utilizing Pinterest, my Pinterest Presence course details EXACTLY how I’ve grown my traffic.

Here’s a recap of some of my online income reports:


  • $1510 Ad revenue
  • $700 Partnerships/Sponsorships
  • $1528.71 Affiliate Income
  • $2,980 Freelancing

GRAND TOTAL: $9,700.11

Can you believe this? This my best month ever! Seriously, I have been waiting for this month forever. Ever since I became focused on creating my course and getting serious about affiliate income, I knew things could really progress in terms of income. 

But for real, this is a lot of money for me. I’ve now surpassed what I would have made at my day job for a month’s worth of work so this is crazy.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, this tutorial will help you start a blog today. You’ll also get a FREE domain name for a year! I was able to quit my job and blog full time, all within my first year of blogging. I am really glad I took a chance and started a blog! I invested around $100 to start my blog using Bluehost, and I made $13,000 in 6 months of blogging. That’s the best return of investment ever! 

This amount is the grand total before I deduct taxes. Right now I am putting away 30% of each paycheck I receive. If I break this down into sections of income I get this:

  • 31% freelance income
  • 69% passive income

If you want to keep track of your online income (which I highly recommend) check out Freshbooks! It’s what I’ve used to track business income, expenses, invoice clients, and more. Click here to learn more about Freshbooks.

My goal is to have more passive income than freelance income. Here is how my income has broken down the past few months from different sources of revenue:

December and April


I have worked really hard to grow my own brand and it’s been paying off the past couple of months. I went into this knowing I didn’t want to be a full-time freelancer who was hustling and working a ton of hours each week and having that me my only source of income.

I’ve purposely limited my growth with my Pinterest management services and have turned down a lot of work so I could focus on my own brand and create more passive income from my website.

Now that things are becoming a little more passive and I’ve hired a VA to help with some things, I am comfortable taking on a few more Pinterest clients to keep that income increasing.

Basically, it’s a lot of checks and balances for me and I move slow πŸ™‚ 

Random thoughts

I’m currently going through a self-awareness phase where I’m struggling to actually share my income report or anything personal on this blog. I know, weird right? Aside from using my first name and occasionally my last name, I’ve always liked hiding remaining anonymous.

Recently I’ve started engaging more in my town’s community and interacting with local clients, and I don’t like having my online income report available for viewing. I personally like the disconnect between real life and blogger life, so mixing the two lately has become a little more real.

I’ve even thought about taking down these posts, but I like being able to review my results, share what does and doesn’t work for me, and hopefully help a fellow newbie blogger out there (because when I was a newbie blogger, these types of posts helped me!)

Clearly this is a #FirstWorldProblem and I just need to get over myself because honestly, no one else probably cares, ha!

People change…

I’ve totally debated adding this in as it’s a bit personal. And I never see anyone write about this either, so it’s probably just me being paranoid πŸ™‚ 

Over the past year I’ve worked really hard to grow this blog and can’t believe how friendly and helpful fellow bloggers, students, and peers have been to me!

I’m shy and like to do my own thing, so it’s a struggle to even participate in Facebook groups, post Instagram pics, etc. It took me MONTHS to do my first online training session for Pinterest (thanks Allison!!) because I’m just shy.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the more driven I get to succeed for myself, sometimes others around me change. A few people that I thought I was friends with don’t really seem happy that my blog is growing and I’m starting to actually succeed at this!

It can be hard to overhear or read snarky things that pertain to me or my blog and my feelings get hurt. I’m probably too sensitive and read into things too much πŸ™‚

Power sessions

On the plus side, I am working hard to interact with more people. I’m all about power sessions lately! I love being part of a mastermind group and working with a group of
people online.

But I’m realizing I need interaction outside of typing on a laptop, so that’s where Google Hangouts comes in.

Google Hangouts is my new BFF and I love getting online and having a face-to-face (you know what I mean) 30-minute brainstorming session with fellow bloggers to talk about things we are working on, our goals, freelancing topics, etc.

I probably harass bother Allison from AllisonLindstrom.com too much with all my questions, but the girl gets me. I can text her and say, “Hey do you have time to do a hangout for 20 minutes” and then we get down to business.

I also recently did a Google Hangout with Melissa from Sunburnt Saver because she is one of the only other girls I know that offers Pinterest services.

We bounced ideas off each other, talked strategies, client goals and our business goals. Having someone else who is in the same line of work is amazing! I like being able to send her clients if I’m on overload (and vice versa) and appreciate that we are there to help each other.

Taking it one step further, I recently got to meet a fellow blogger in person (yippee!) Kate from Cashville Skyline is the best and a local Nashville girl, so we have been meeting up in the evenings to discuss blogging, goals, etc. Having a glass of wine also helps πŸ™‚

If you are a newbie blogger or need some social time haha, consider doing a power session with a fellow blogger. It does wonders for your confidence and totally gets you pumped up!

I spoke….in public

Jason from Phroogal is currently embarking on #TheRoad2016 tour across the country, which focuses on engaging different communities about financial wellness. Along with a few other personal finance bloggers – as well as local entrepreneurs in the Nashville community – I was invited to speak and share my story to a sold-out audience.

I spoke about my journey into side hustling, starting this blog to share how I side hustle and how I was able to start a Pinterest management company – which lead me to be able to quit my job.

Public speaking is my number one fear (tied with going to the dentist haha) and I made it through my speech without fainting or turning too red or blotchy. It was terrifying but I did it!

The best part of this event was meeting other personal finance bloggers, some #FinCon folks and chatting with Nashville locals afterwards. It was a great event that really got people talking about money. Thanks Jason! 

Ad Revenue

I switched over to AdThrive a couple of months ago. After a payment gap, I received my first paycheck for a month’s worth of ads on my site. Ugh, Google Adsense, and Media Net have nothing over AdThrive.

I never realized there are so many ways to make money from blogging. If you are interested in earning extra income or one day blogging full time, this post shares 5 different ways my blog makes money each month. It is really helpful to be diverse and earn money from different sources of revenue. Here's how I make money each month - this was my best month yet and I've only been a blogger for 1.5 years!
This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure for more info.

I think you need over 100K pageviews to get into AdThrive (that’s what I needed when I applied) and jeez, there is such a difference in pay!

I’m probably making almost double with AdThrive and I’m not even doing anything differently.

If your goal is to get to 100,000 page views a month, you should definitely sign up with AdThrive once you hit this target!

Affiliate Income

My affiliate income is FINALLY starting to work. My affiliate income really started going from nothing to something a few months ago, it just took forever to get paid on things! Seriously, waiting anywhere from 30-90 days is crazy.

The past few months have been going a thousand times better when it comes to affiliate income, but I haven’t been able to even write about it in my last couple of online income reports because I hadn’t been paid yet. Ugh! 

Side Hustle Book

At the end of January, I launched my book about side hustling. I have done very little promotion of this book and still get sales. This is truly passive income and makes me so happy! 

This side hustle book is being converted into a course later this month, and I’m really excited about this. I’m adding more features, including new and older side hustles I have done that I think others would benefit from financially.

I’m really excited because the price will remain the same for an introductory period, so everyone will have a chance to get the course for the same price as the book. Everyone who has already purchased the book will also be able to access the course for free too, creating a win-win!

EDIT ** This has been converted into a course for the same price. You can learn more about it here

Pinterest Presence

At the end of April, I launched my Pinterest Presence course. I share exactly how I run my Pinterest management services, but the course allows students to go at their own pace.

The main reason I created the course was that I’m not able to assist every client that wants to hire me and this is the next best thing. 

In the Pinterest Presence course, I share exactly how I went from 1,000 page views a month to 160,000 page views a month, create branded and clickable images, and how Pinterest drives in 90% of my traffic each month. Today I get over 200,000 page views, and my traffic continues to climb! 

Here is my income report. Last month I made more than $9,000 from blogging. I am sharing how I did this in my online income report. I am not an expert and have only been blogging for 1.5 years. If you want to make money and earn extra income, blogging is a great way to do this. The first time I made money from blogging, I made around $60. A little over a year later, I made almost $10,000 from blogging. I used 5 different ways to make money for my blog to diversify. If you want to make money, here's exactly how I did it! My course is hosted on the Teachable platform. I did a ton of research when it comes to creating a course and which platform to use, and am glad about my decision to use Teachable.

The only mistake I made was selecting the basic plan, which is their in-the-middle plan, so it’s not free but it’s not expensive (to me).

I selected this method to be cheap cost-effective and it was a dumb move.

After a few weeks into launching my course, I realized that I needed to upgrade to the Professional plan, which was easy to do.

The biggest reason to upgrade to the professional plan is for 2 reasons:

  • Save money in the long run
  • Payout is immediate with the professional plan, while the basic plan has a holding period of 30-60 days depending on when you sell a product.

For example, at the time of writing this post at the beginning as of June 28th, I have already been paid for all my June courses. For all the courses that I sold back in May, I won’t be paid until July 1st. See how that’s crazy? 

The downside to the professional plan was initially the price. The Basic plan was $29/month (I was grandfathered into this price) but the fees hovered around 11%.

On the professional plan, I now pay $99/month plus around 3% in fees. The $99 fee totally intimidated me, but since switching I realized I am definitely saving money. Don’t worry – if you are new to creating courses or want to have a mini-course, there are FREE options on Teachable as well

Oh well, sometimes you have to test the waters first, right?

{Resource: 10 Ways Your Blog and Business Can Benefit from Pinterest}


I provide Pinterest management and image services to clients. This niche is keeping me busy and it’s been really growing the past couple of months. I recently stopped taking on new clients and had to put up a waiting list. Surprisingly, this has brought me in even more inquiries for help.

My Pinterest management company has recently shifted in clientele. I am working more with local businesses here in the Nashville area, as well as companies nationwide. 

**EDIT – I now have a course called How to Become a Pinterest VA TODAY! Today I teach other people who want to start a Pinterest virtual assistant exactly how to launch his or her own business. It’s super exciting!

“Real Life” Career Consulting

This income report does NOT include any consulting income that I make that is related to my career niche outside of this blog. Even though this income is made online, it’s not really related to the blog, so I don’t share the income.

I love being able to continue to work in my field of work outside of the blog and Pinterest management company, and it’s a great balance. I’ve been in the same field of work for around 12 years (eek!) and love it.

Monthly Expenses

These are my June expenses:

  • $285 VA work
  • $38.19 PayPal fees (I’m so over this; recently I switched to FreshBooks to save money)
  • $0 FreshBooks – I used the free 30 day trial and LOVED FreshBooks. I just signed up for the monthly plan and it’s seriously saving me so much money each month when I invoice clients. I don’t know why I didn’t do this several months ago? When I think about how much money I could have saved, I get so annoyed, ha! Seriously, if you are a freelancer and you use PayPal to invoice clients – STOP. Switch to FreshBooks. You will pay like 50 cents per transaction as opposed to 3-4% in fees. That’s crazy!
  • $54.99 Teachable (I upgraded my plan during the month so it was prorated)
  • $628.10 Affiliates (for my Pinterest Presence course – thank you everyone for promoting my course. This is the best expense ever!)
  • $453 Courses – This is an interesting category. When I started my blogging journey, I took Elite Blog Academy, which was great and really helped me out as a newbie. Lately I’ve been needing some kind of push, so I purchased a couple courses to help me continue to grow. I’m really excited! 
  • $1091.41 MacBook Air – I sold my older Macbook Pro for $500, so this wasn’t too painful of a purchase as it could have been, but still never fun to spend this much money. 


Oh this hurts, lol. Mostly because everything happened at one time. Normally my expenses hover around 4-5% of my monthly income, which I think is pretty low and makes me happy.

This month my expenses were around 22% of my budget. I’ve always been a DIY blogger, and this month was just one of those months I had to invest in my business. I predicted in my May online income report that June would be pricey and it was! Luckily, July expenses should go back to normal. 

Using ConvertKit and LeadPages together has been amazing. I’ve created some really great newsletters, course sequences and sign up forms, and LeadPages has skyrocketed my email subscriber list.

*Please note, I don’t include Tailwind or Bluehost in these expenses as I have prepaid for the year. Tailwind is the scheduler I use when I do all my pinning on Pinterest.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, this tutorial will help you start a blog today. You’ll also get a FREE domain name for a year! I was able to quit my job and blog full time, all within my first year of blogging. I am really glad I took a chance and started a blog! I invested around $100 to start my blog using Bluehost, and I made $13,000 in 6 months of blogging. That’s the best return of investment ever! 

What are your thoughts about reading an income report? Do you find them useful?

Kristin, is the creator behind Believe In A Budget. She teaches others how to start a blog and how to side hustle. Her course, Pinterest Presence, helps bloggers + businesses drive traffic to increase their website’s profitability. Click here to learn more

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  1. Your income report is very encouraging, I started in July but actual adverting for my blog end of October 2018 , I only made 1 sale from hosting and 3 sales from affiliate program

    I will keep going

    1. Kristin Larsen says:

      You got this – stick with it!

  2. Thanks Kristin for sharing great value and for showing us it’s possible to make great income feom blogging. My income from blogs has over 8 years been below $1000 with more from adsense and most from other indirect means.
    I hope to take my blogger blog to WordPress this year, incorporate courses and raise my game.
    Toastmasters group in your locality can help you get better at public speaking.

    1. Kristin Larsen says:

      YES!! I love your goals – you can totally do this!!

  3. I like your article…very interesting. I am glad to hearing a success story from other people like you. Hope I can do like you do but on other style.

    good job..kristin

  4. lori rizzo says:

    ok so where is how you did it??

    1. Kristin Larsen says:

      Hey Lori, what do you mean?

  5. This is what I want to do. Be able to work at home, eventually be able to set my own hours. I don’t want to get rich, I just want to be able to live my life on my terms.

  6. You rock girl!! This is such great inspiration as I work to grow my blogging presence. I love hearing stories of success. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Loved reading this…really helped to inspire me to grow my Pinterest presence! You rock, girl! Keep going!

  8. Congrats!! I love reading these reports to see how others are doing. It gives us newbies motivation to keep going!

    I have to comment on your personal story about your friends. I’m actually going through that exact situation with my “ex” best friend right now. Some people cannot handle it when you start to become successful. I just wrote a blog post today about our relationship. In there I shared a Video of Steve Harvey and his discuss on “The Success Wagon”. It might help you to know you aren’t alone!!

    Also, I can empathize with you wanting to protect your privacy. My only comment to that is we live in a day and age where someone can simply google you and find out whatever they want about you. I wouldn’t worry about you posting your income report. Think about it like this – the CEO of ABC Public Corporation’s salary is posted with the SEC and anyone can easily Google his name and find out where he lives… Just something to consider. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Roxanne! I love Stever Harvey, I will have to check it out πŸ™‚ It’s true, anyone can find anything these days. I have definitely gone back and forth about how much to share and how much to keep private!

  9. Holy crap Kristin! It seemed like yesterday that I was reading about you just quitting your full-time job and hopping onto freelancing/blog-work full-time… being all nervous about your income and how it’s going to go πŸ˜›

    And now you’re pulling in $9k months??! Crazy!! xD

    Goes to show what a lot of hard work and great plan can do for you! Thanks for the inspiration <3

    1. Hello hello! I know, time is going fast. I look back at how hard I was working in the beginning and it’s crazy how it’s paid off. I still think it’s nuts we can make full time income doing this, but it’s awesome!

  10. Hey Kristin!

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who wishes I could keep my online and real life separate! I kept it that way for a year, but when I left my job to work from home, it was inevitable that people I knew found out. It still makes me a little uneasy, especially when I shared my first income report!

    Let me know if you find a way to overcome it! Ha!

    Thanks for sharing these. I think they’re crazy inspiring!

    1. Ha, still haven’t figured out how to separate the two!

  11. Such a great article! Thanks for all the info and especially love the honesty. Definitely hard to do but I think it’s worth it! I’ve been blogging for over two years now and have been struggling to turn a profit. This info has pointed me in the right direction!

    1. Thanks! There are so many different ways to earn income and it can take a while to figure out what clicks with you and works best. Good luck!!!

  12. You’ve done amazingly well Kristin. I’m sending you a virtual high five (all the way from Australia)!

    I’ve had to put pretty much everything into a holding pattern over the last few months because of a death in the family but I’m ready to get my head back in the game and you’re inspiring me to totally go for it.

    As I’ve discovered, life is too short *not* to go for your dreams with all your heart and soul.

    Be proud of your achievements Kristin!

    1. Thanks Diane! It can be so hard to find the time to blog, but I found that (Especially in the beginning) that if I stuck to a certain time and routine, blogging became much easier for me to commit too!

  13. Ok…so I have read your blog off and on for a few months, now. I found you through Michelle’s website, and I didn’t really understand the difference between your course and hers. Now that I do, I will DEFINITELY be picking up your course today, as well!

    You are so inspiring. It’s amazing how well you’re doing after less than a year on this site. It is less than a year, right? Or did I read something incorrectly? GIRL! I am inspired!!

    Congratulations on your best month, ever. I can’t wait to see what next month brings for you. You’re my new hero!! LOL!

    1. Hi Christi! Yes, I was able to quit my job in under a year to go full time. I think I’ve been in full time blogger mode for 8 months now, which is crazy awesome!

      1. NICE! I realized that I forgot to answer your question at the end of your article. I hope you don’t stop sharing your income reports. I think that, up to $100k per month, or so, it helps people to be able to see how online marketers grow their businesses, diversify their income, and keep their sanity.

        If I were earning over $100k, I might not share, but then again, who knows what I’d do? That’s a HECK of a lot of money, every month.

        Anyway, I put in my vote for you to continue sharing. You show how completely normal it is to learn how to do what you’re doing for a living. I’m a freelancer, too – a copywriter. So this gives me great hope. πŸ™‚

  14. Thank you for always being so inspiring! I can definitely relate to the shy part since that’s how I am as well. And I live out in the middle of nowhere, so it makes it too easy for me to keep to my introverted self. I also seem to have lost some friends since working from home full time, which hurts a bit. BUT I have gained some amazing friends since then too. I love the blogging/work from home community!

    1. Hey Jenn! Totally agree – I’ve made some awesome new friends since joining the blogging world too. It’s so great to be able to relate to someone else who is going through this work from home/blog thing:)

  15. Wow! What an amazing month, Kristin! You deserve it! Don’t let the haters get to you, it comes with the territory and it’s often a good indicator that you’re doing things right!:)

  16. Inspiring, inspiring. This is iron-clad proof that anyone anywhere in the world can start a blog, focus their mind on creating an interesting blog, create content that attracts traffic from all corners of the web, and transform their small venture into a full-time profitable business. Thanks for just being you and sharing your monthly income reports. πŸ™‚

  17. Congrats on your best income month! I love your income reports and find them very helpful and inspirational. It’s also been amazing to see you set goals and go after them this past year and I’m so proud of you πŸ™‚ It sounds like you have a case of ‘haters’ in regard to people not being happy about or supportive of your success. My co-hosts and I did a podcast episode a few weeks ago about how to deal with haters, because it’s quite common once you start reaching new levels of success and hitting certain milestones.

    1. Hey girl! Haha, I really debated putting that in this as it’s so dumb in the grand scheme of things. But I like to be as real as possible and don’t want anyone to think things are perfect haha. Ahhhh, I am totally off to listen to your podcast now about this. I still can’t get over how well you are crushing your income reports AND working full time. You are amazing!

  18. Your income report is so inspiring! I was I was as good with Pinterest πŸ™‚

    Don’t worry about your friends, because they are so close to you they will compare themselves to you and are coming up short. Are they bloggers too? Keep your head up, you’re doing great!

    1. Thanks Francesca! It was a really crazy month for me in terms of income and I’m still like, is this for real? I think July will be a little quieter for me, but August will bounce back up!!

  19. I have SUCH a hard time branching out and actually interacting with people “in real life”, so thank you so much for asking to meet up on Google Hangouts! I’m crazy shy (yet I love to publicly speak so… that’s weird), but I’m excited to meet up with you again and brainstorm!

    Also, advice from Kim Kardashian (I know it’s weird but go along with me): she says DON’T read stuff about yourself online. She said that reading things about herself online and in the media gave her anxiety, so she just stopped… and she feels a lot better.

    I don’t have the haters or people who dislike my success like you do (probably because I’m not that successful haha) but if you came across it online… 1) that means you’re MAKING IT, yay!! and 2) ignore them! Unless they’re harmful or stealing things from you. Then you have to escalate it. Otherwise, take Kim K’s advice! πŸ™‚

    1. Yippee…I had so much fun chatting πŸ™‚ Hahaha, are we both agreeing on something Kim K said? I stumbled onto something by accident so I wasn’t really digging for anything, but it caught me off guard. It was small and I let it go – ain’t nobody got time for that πŸ™‚

  20. Wow! This is inspiring! Pinterest is so powerful–amazing. Kudos to you!

    1. Thanks Claudia! It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point lol. Pinterest is where it’s at!

  21. Kristen,

    Whoop whoop! How amazing this is! I love how you have diversified your income. I hope to have half your success with my blog when I start monetizing it!

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. It truly is inspiring!

  22. I cannot contain my excitement after seeing this income report! You are ROCKING IT!!!!

    It’s never ever ever a bother to chat with you! I love brainstorming with powerful women. πŸ˜‰ I’m always thinking, “YES, she gets me! We are coming up with so many ideas!”

    Pffft, don’t let anyone’s negativity bother you. It always stems from their own frustrations and insecurities. πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks girl!! Love our brainstorming sessions!

  23. Great job!! I think whatever you decide to do as far as posting income reports and whatnot is totally OK. Don’t worry about what other people think one way or another. Can’t wait to meet you in Sept!

    1. Hey girl! I am so excited for you to come here in the fall – you are coming here first before FinCon still right?! Kate is so awesome – I am so glad she lives here in town πŸ™‚

  24. Wooo hoo! OMG! Sooo awesome, Kristin!! Congrats!!:) Your Pinterest course ROCKS and has definitely help me generate more traffic to my blog! πŸ™‚

    1. Yippee Latasha, that makes me super happy πŸ™‚

  25. Congrats on your best month yet. June was my best month so far as well.

    Also, a huge congrats on successfully transitioning into passive income. I bought your Pinterest Presence course. πŸ™‚

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