June 2015 Blog Income Report – $66.10

This is my fourth blog income report to share! This report only includes income I received from the month of June. I don’t include any money that is pending.

This post may contain affiliate links. Read our disclosure for more info.

My journey to blogging and making money from my blog has been a slow, but steady one. I started blogging at the end of last summer/early fall.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, this tutorial will help you start a blog today. You’ll also get a FREE domain name for a year! Within my first year of blogging, I was able to quit my job and blog full time.

I invested around $40 to start my blog using Bluehost, and I made $13,000 in 6 months of blogging. That’s the best return of investment ever!

At the start of 2015, I decided to get serious about my blog and treat it more like a business.

I started commenting on other bloggers’ posts, joined Twitter, and signed up with Pinterest.

At the start of 2015, I committed to writing two to three times a week, improved my photos and made my website more user-friendly.

In March, I even earned income from my blog. Since then, I have been slowly making money each month! Even though the amount is small, I am working really hard and am super excited!

Here are a few of my previous posts about my blog income:

Online Income Report

As I stated earlier, my income report only includes money I have actually received.

On a separate note, this income is solely from my blog. It doesn’t include income from any other sources, such as freelancing and VA work, although this will likely change in the future.

All my freelancing and VA work comes from my blog, so I will probably add it soon.

  • Affiliate Income – $66.10
  • Google Adsense – $0 (even though I continue to earn money through this avenue, I still haven’t reached the $100 threshold)

I really like affiliate earnings, mainly because I don’t have to rely on crazy high traffic to generate income.

My blog income from June is a slight increase compared to my blog income from May. I had 2 different sources of revenue. About 90% of my income was from 1 source of revenue.

These have been my favorite resources that I have been comfortable telling someone about:

My blog’s theme: This is a wordpress theme I installed myself (yup, I installed it by myself to save money!)

Rakuten: This is my fave company I use when I shop online. Hello, free money! It’s free cashback on every purchase and the money gets deposited into my PayPal account. It’s really hard to turn down free money. I’ve made almost $700 since signing up, which is crazy.

Ibotta is another free cell phone app. You use it after you go grocery shopping and use your receipt. It’s basically a rebate app, so you can earn anywhere from 50 cents to $5 off everything you buy.

Where I need to make improvements

Unlike last month, I have not had a chance to work on expanding my affiliate networks. Although I am signed up with a wide range of affiliate sources, only a handful bring in any income.

Because of this, I really need to spend some time and come up with a better game plan for ways to increase my revenue.

What can I do to increase my blog income?

I researched a range of blogs that have blog income. It seems like there are a lot of option to increase revenue.

  • Provide a product, such as an ebook
  • Provide a service, such as coaching or mentoring
  • Offer deals and sale links on products that have affiliate links
  • Write sponsored posts
  • Offer ad space on my sidebar

I am sure there are many other ways to make blog income. These are just a handful that I have noticed other bloggers doing.

The hard part is figuring out which product or service would be the best fit for my blog!

Blog Expenses

  • Google Apps – $5
  • Board Booster – $5 (2019 Update: I now use Tailwind exclusively for Pinterest and pinning.)

My blog expenses this month were minimal, as usual. However, I’ll be renewing my domain and hosting services in a couple weeks with BlueHost. 

I am really excited to renew and get locked in for the exact same price I paid for when I opened my account! If you want to start blogging, BlueHost has the best deal hands down!

If you are thinking about starting a blog, this tutorial will help you start a blog today. You’ll also get a FREE domain name for a year! Within my first year of blogging, I was able to quit my job and blog full time.

I am really glad I took a chance and started a blog! It cost around $40 to start my blog using Bluehost, and I made $13,000 in 6 months of blogging. That’s the best return of investment ever!

I am excited that I had another successful month and my blog is starting to pay for itself!


If you are a blogger, do you find blogging more or less expensive than you thought it would be?

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  1. I honestly love this post so much. I’ve been finding it hard to find a blog that discusses the break down in income on this level, especially the bit about google adsense. Totally shows me that earning money from Google Adsense isn’t easy, but will get easier later on.

    This has made me rethink my blogging strategy! Will be having a binge reading session of the rest of your blog. Thanks for your help!

  2. Hi…thanks for posting everything. I’m still in the process of reading and educating myself on how to do a blog. There is a question that hasn’t been addressed as far as I can see. How to claim this money on your income taxes? We have an accountant. Would she be the one to discuss this with or can you elaborate a bit for me. Just curious before I start all of this. Thanks very much.

    1. Kristin Larsen says:

      I’m not an accountant, so I can’t give you exact advice When I first started my business, I was a sole-proprietor my first year as I wanted to see if my blog would produce income. Now I am a registered LLC and my blog is part of my business. Your accountant will definitely be able to help you figure out everything!

      1. Hi Kristin, I just started Blogging over at shabby-chic-life.com and I have a question for your Pre-LLC income time. When you FIRST started as a sole-proprieter, did you file for a DBA in order to charge for Affiliate stuff and digital product sales or did you use your name as the entity?

        1. Kristin Larsen says:

          As a sole proprietor, I used my own personal info in the very early days.

  3. I love your post! It really gives me hope that maybe I can do this! My blog is barely 1 month old but I love it and I’m willing to put in the hard work! ??????

    1. Kristin Larsen says:

      Thank you so much!! YAY, congrats on starting a blog!

  4. Annette Mongoven says:

    I am going to give blogging a try…your tutorial looks really helpful. Question, how do people discover your blog?

    1. Kristin Larsen says:

      There are so many different ways! It could be from a Google search, social media, Pinterest, podcast…there’s TONS of ways to be discovered πŸ™‚

  5. Hello, I’m new to the whole blogging scene. I’m primarily a YouTuber, so all this blogging is new to me when it comes to writing a high quality post as well as getting page views to grow my income. I’m using WordPress and using Siteground as my hosting service for a 3 months now.
    Since my main content on my blog is Sims but I do want to branch out into more graphic design, tips and tricks and etc..

    But anyway, I really love your blog post and it does seem less expensive when you write it all out .

    1. Kristin Larsen says:

      Thanks! YouTube is definitely an area I know very little in, so that’s AWESOME that’s your primary thing. Blogging is a great way to earn additional income!

  6. Hi. I’m new to all this. I started a couple months ago but was having hard time understanding how to get it all working. After I had the baby I struggle with time but plan to try again. I left off with trying to put my page together and finding what I’m actually pationate about. Thanks for sharing your experience. I will be looking into it more. I am currently with WordPress but will be changing the name AGAIN. I don’t like my start and hope not too many people are paying attention while I try to find my niche!

    1. Hi Sherri! WordPress. org is really the best platform to use. It can be tricky selecting the right name, so I totally understand wanting to change names. Don’t worry or be too hard on yourself – you sounds very busy! So work in blogging when you can, even if it’s completing just one task at a time πŸ™‚ There’s no rush – this is a long time investment!

  7. Great blog income report very inspirational I too hope to make a income off my blog.

    1. You will! Keep trying new techniques until you find something that really clicks! You got this!

  8. Hey Kristin! Love the June update. I think youre doing great and like ive mentioned before, its very inspiring reading how other bloggers are doing. I actually was contacted for a coaching session from my blog and I took it so I should have a nice increase for my July month because of it. I was never even planning on doing coaching but since Im helping one person out, i may look into doing more. Its a great idea!

    Ive updated your income report on The Ultimate List of Blogger Income Reports.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh wow, that’s awesome! It’s so neat to see different ways we can make income from our blogs. You should definitely make a hire me page πŸ™‚

  9. Congrats on the blog income! I think it’s great your making an income from your blog. Like you I have earned some Google absence but haven’t yet been able to cash the check, and until I do it doesn’t feel like income.

    You are the second person I have heard mention Board Boost this week. I may have to look into that myself!

    1. Gosh, I can’t wait to get a check from Google Adsense… I will probably frame it πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for being transparent on here Kristen! It looks like you are off to a solid start. How do you create the little picture at the top of your blog that says “Blog Income Report.” It’s really eye-catching and great for pinterest.

    1. Thanks Portia! I made all my photos in PicMonkey!

  11. Thanks for sharing! It is good to hear not only how you’re making money off of your blog, but also how long you’ve been blogging. I’m pretty new to the game and I’ve been surprised at how expensive it can be to get everything up and running. I paid for hosting and now I’m trying to DIY most other things until the blog starts bringing in some income.

    1. Thanks Ali! My biggest expense was getting started and probably switching from a free theme to a paid theme!

  12. Congrats on the June income! After the initial investment of paying for hosting and starting up my blog, it hasn’t been that costly at all. If anything, I’m spending more of my time on my blog as opposed to my money but I came in knowing that it takes a while. I like your idea to increase your blog income by diversifying the way you earn money from the blog. I need to do this as well.

    1. Thanks Chonce! That’s good to hear your expenses are low. Diversifying is working for me as my income resources seem to be changing up each month.

  13. Congrats for you accomplishments, income reports are always very inspiring to other bloggers and online business owners. I launched my blog 6 months ago and I’m learning something new every single day. I definitely recommend writing a book or creating a digital product. I am just getting ready to launch my very first digital products as well.

    1. Thanks Reelika! That’s awesome you are getting ready to debut a product, I’ll be tuning in πŸ™‚

  14. Kristin, you inspire me! I still can’t get my blog monetizing anything yet. I have Google Adsense and Media Net going so far but not much else. I need to master the affiliate links! I like to see your blog income reports, makes me encouraged. Now, I just have to figure out how to follow in your footsteps!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! It’s definitely the slow and steady road for me! I’m in a bit of a holding pattern and and need to come up with a plan on how to grow πŸ™‚

  15. Congrats on earning an income through your blog! I just did my first ever blog income report earlier this week πŸ™‚ It’s liberating to share, isn’t it? I actually just signed up for board booster as well this past weekend and am LOVING it. It’s really cut down the amount of time I spend on Pinterest everyday.

    I’ve also been playing around with different ways to monetize and I’m starting to lean towards writing an eBook. It’s something I’ve really been wanting to do, but actually starting the process of writing is seeming a little daunting to me right now. There’s so many topics I want to write on that I’m having a hard time choosing, hah!

    Great job on your June income!

    1. Thanks Christina! An eBook would be amazing. It’s definitely hard to narrow down which direction to go in!

    1. It’s really awesome and saves me soooo much time!

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