The Top Creative Side Hustles: For Artists, Writers, and More!

If you want to ditch the 9-to-5 life to pursue your creative side, you can!

The Internet has made it possible to showcase your designs to a global audience and find the right people who genuinely love your art.

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Whether you like to design graphics, write, or teach your favorite craft, you can earn extra cash and even make a go of it full-time.

We have rounded up our top creative side hustles to inspire you to start today.

8 Top Creative Side Hustles

There are many ways to make extra money. Check out these eight creative outlets to boost your mental and financial health.

1. Print on demand

Many active consumers are looking for personalized products they can’t find locally.

Whether they need a custom birthday shirt for their child’s party, wall art that commemorates a milestone, or a gift that will make their friend gasp, a print-on-demand service can provide you with passive income without storage fees.

Create products that revolve around a niche unique to creative marketplaces like Etsy and Shopify.

Researching trends can help you understand what buyers are looking for. To get a jumpstart on where to start, this free ebook is full of popular ideas.

2. Freelancing

Whether you enjoy writing, graphic design or social media, there are several ways to earn money as a freelancer.

You can write blogs, ebooks, resumes, training materials, to name a few.

If you lack experience, sites like UpWork and ProBlogger can help you start from the bottom and work your way up.

While you may make less starting out, you can quickly charge more as you gain experience.

Interning for an agency can give you opportunities to dabble in several different writing jobs and help you determine your niche or preferred writing job.

This free prep book will help you learn how to get paid to play on Pinterest.

Its essential to have a passion for research and understand your writing limits so you don’t get burn out.

If you prefer working in person, consider a side hustle like organizing, such as pantries and closets. The Home Edit provides great tips and organizational skills.

3. Start a podcast

If you have the gift of gab and have a passion for sharing knowledge with a global community, starting a podcast can be an excellent creative outlet.

You can invite guests to share your vision and get content ideas from your listeners.

If you lack equipment, you can purchase a beginner podcast kit on Amazon for under $100.

Once you decide what to discuss on your podcast, you must find a hosting server to upload to significant outlets like Apple and Spotify.

Create and edit your podcast and then publish it.

After that, you can promote your podcast on social media outlets to ensure your readership grows. Scaling will help you earn money through advertising and sponsors.

4. Teaching your favorite hobby

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy?

If you love music, art, pets, the outdoors, or other hobbies, you can earn money by teaching others how to enjoy them.

Consider teaching art classes at a local art center, offering music lessons at a music store, training dogs, or running sports camps for kids.

No matter what you are into, you can use your niche to meet new people, learn new skills, and make extra money.

Use social media to find locals who share your favorite hobby and start networking.

5. Blogging

Blogging is making a comeback, so there is no excuse for starting this inexpensive side hustle. Creating a blog about a hobby you love is therapeutic and can help you build community.

Once you find your target audience, you can make relevant advertising links throughout your website and social media.

There are many resources on how to start a blog. In most cases, it only takes a few steps.

Adding photos and videos to your blog can build website traffic and allow you to link it to a coordinating YouTube channel and other social media networks, such as Pinterest and Instagram.

6. Graphic design

Even with all the graphic design software available today, many people will admit they don’t have a creative side.

They struggle with being artsy and would rather have someone else create logos, business cards, social media images, and custom videos who enjoy the craft.

Even if you don’t have a design degree, you can get training and learn through online tutorials. Graphic designers with a unique style and quick turnaround time usually do the best financially.

The most in-demand graphic design jobs include product designers, web developers, user experience designers, and animators.

7. Start an Etsy shop

If you have considered starting an Etsy shop, what is holding you back? If you aren’t sure what to sell, this free ebook shares the best digital products to sell seasonally and all year long!

The creative marketplace is brimming with customers looking for unique items like gourmet dog treats, wall art, and jewelry.

Take some time to research your competition and then get to work creating your own masterpieces. It’s important to price your items with materials costs and labor in mind. 

Etsy is an excellent platform for starting a creative business. It already has the software to showcase your art, sell it, and market it to potential customers.

Plus, it only takes a few dollars to get started. 

Check out our comprehensive guide on how to start an Etsy shop.

8. Social media marketing manager

Companies are always looking to improve their social media game. The algorithms and trends constantly change, and most businesses lack the resources to keep up.

If you are already a social media junkie, you may enjoy the challenge of helping a company boost their sales through social media.

The job can require a lot of trial and error, but if you want a side hustle you can do from anywhere and have relatively flexible hours, being a social media manager could be the right fit for you.

If you love Pinterest, this free class will teach you how much to charge and what services you can offer, without any experience!

Creatives are especially perfect for this job due to the large amount of original content required.

You’ll likely need to create a content calendar, follow trends, test your graphic design skills, and write search-engine-friendly, engaging content.

Creative Side Hustles to Start Now!

Whether it’s graphic art, writing, or teaching, the possibilities for creative entrepreneurship are endless.

You never know when your hard work in creative side hustles can become your full-time job.

The more heart and soul you put into your work, the more it will inspire and resonate with your followers.

Your creative side will always be a part of you, so never stop creating and evolving your art!

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